Myasthenia gravis is an autoimmune disease causing abnormal weakness of certain muscles due to a breakdown in the normal communication between nerves and muscles. There is no cure for myasthenia gravis, but treatment can help relieve signs and symptoms, such as weakness of arm or leg muscles, double vision, drooping eyelids, and difficulties with speech, chewing, swallowing and breathing.

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Power Assistance

Excessive heat and Myasthenia do not go hand in hand. Having the cooler on increases power bills. Did you now that you may be eligible for assistance with your power bills. Known as the Medical cooling concession. There are some...

Myasthenia Gravis Conference

July 13th 2019 is the date for the MG conference in sunny Brisbane. all welcome, for more info please contact-

Dog Blood Donations

The University of Melbourne Vet clinic located in Werribee has a dog blood donation bank. You may ask what has this got to do with Myasthenia Gravis! Dogs get Myasthenia and require plasma just like humans. Your dog may be...